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To shave or not to shave?

Premium Vector _ Haircutter cutting bear

​Here are some ideas to go with that beard you are growing....


Military Beard
If your hair is buzzed super short on the sides and left longer on top with a sharp side part, this is for you. The painful truth about this style is that it works for guys with long, angular bone structure, but if you're rounder in the face, shave it off and start over.


My Tip: Ask for a gradual fade on the sides and style with a matte product that adds volume (try L'Oreal Lumi Contrôle Modelling nutri-wax) rather than a classic pomade or gel. It'll give you a vintage-inspired but a modern style.


Lumberjack Beard
Some people think that if there's more hair on your chin than on your head, you have a problem. I know the plaid-wearing, backwoods-dwelling, I-brew-my-own-beer look was all the rage a few years ago, but I'm glad to see it on its way out. But, if you keep it clean and trimed, in other words maintained, your good to go.


My Tip: Manly doesn't mean overgrown. Keep your beard trimmed or close to your jaw line and use a comb to keep the hairs neat. Rub a bit of beard oil through your facial hair to keep it soft and conditioned.


If you're not ready to part with the beard you worked so hard to grow, at least balance it with a clean-cut hairstyle. Use a grooming gel, like Or Graphic, to guide hair into place so that your style looks intentional, not like a homeless guy.

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