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Post Shower Hair Care

You might be surprised to know that your hair habits may be what’s preventing you from the glossy locks of your dreams.

If you read my post on how to prevent oily hair, you’re probably up to speed on a few healthy-hair secrets, but there are still other hair rituals that may be under your radar.

1. Towel drying and handling your hair when wet: 

Towel drying your hair can promote breakage, as can brushing your hair or handling it roughly when wet. This is because wet hair is more prone to breakage. To remedy this, swap your towel for a t-shirt when drying your hair; this is gentler and leads to smoother locks. If you need to detangle while wet, opt for a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush. 


2. Turning up with heat without protection:

We all know by now that using the curler or flat iron too often will fry out your hair. Instead of suffering the consequences of heat-treated hair, use a heat protectant before styling or blow-drying hair. Spritzing on a little of this product will help your strands beat the heat. Additionally, never turn your tools up to the hottest setting—medium will get the job done with a lot less damage.


3. Blow drying hair without knowing the right way: 

Yes, there’s a right way to dry your hair! Blow-dry from roots to ends in small sections for faster drying and smooth styling. Never leave your dryer on one section of hair (no matter how quickly you want to be out the door!)—that adds too much heat. 


4. Brushing your hair from the roots down: 

When brushing, you should start toward the bottom and brush down, moving upward only when you notice no tangles in the previous section. If you start brushing at your roots, you’ll have to fight through more tangles to get to the bottom, thus promoting breakage and weak hair. 


5. Wearing that pony too tight: 

Braids or ponytails should be worn loosely in order to keep smooth, healthy-looking hair. Tight ponies cause temporary damage, like broken strands, which can become a permanent problem after prolonged use. If a pony is your go-to, try switching up your positioning every now and then, or opting for a hair tie that’s a bit more gentle. 



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