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- Semi-permanent hair colors do not change the natural pigments of hair. They work well if you want to shade or deepen your natural hair color and add light reflections to it. This type of color treatment lasts about 20 shampoos.

- Permanent hair dyes do not slowly rinse out with every shampoo. The hydrogen peroxide in permanent hair dye formulations partially extracts the natural hair pigments and replaces them with new pigments. The pigments are then permanently anchored inside the hair shafts. Even greying hair can be completely dyed this way.

Want to know a little something about hair color?  Well, I put together this info about some hair colors that you may find informative... 


- Colour rinses, are a gentle alternative to permanent hair dyes because they work out the use of ammonia and alcohol. They give your hair a beautiful shine and often dazzling color reflections. The pigments in a color rinse merely attach to the outer hair shaft. These will rinse out with every shampoo, lasting only six to eight shampoos.


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