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Preparing for a BIG event


Whether you’re attending weddings, parties, proms, or graduations – it’s approaching that time of year when our calendars are full of social events.  When preparing for a special occasion, we all spend time thinking about what we’re going to wear, but it’s just as important to spend some time on your grooming routine.

So whatever your event and your grooming expertise, you need to be prepared. And it starts long before the big day…

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Time For A New Hair Style?

I bumped into a client the other day and his hair was more overgrown and bushy than I’d ever seen it. After I quizzed him on it (as I do) he said that he was “timing his haircut” before his brother's wedding. He wanted to have it cut just before going away so he could look as sharp as possible, and this is certainly something to consider in time before your special event.

Do you like your hair freshly cut? Or do you prefer it a couple of weeks after your trim? You need to time it right.

If you’re thinking of a new hairstyle for your big event, you also need to plan ahead. You may need to grow out your current style.

Clear Up Your Complexion


If the condition of your skin is a real concern then there’s no better time to find a solution, especially if there’s lots of focus on you for the big event.

The three main areas for concern are acne, oily skin and dry skin as these are the skin types that produce more visible symptoms. For all these skin conditions you need to start at least a month in advance to give your skin time to respond to the professional products and to see the results coming through. 

Two Weeks Before...

Trial & (Hopefully No) Error

As the big day draws closer it’s time to step your prep up a notch. If you’re adding products and procedures into your routine for the event, then now is the time to start testing them. The last thing you need is to try a new hair product or apply self-tan for the first time in the final days before.

Testing your routine in advance will mean that if there are any mishaps you’ve got plenty of time to correct them. And talking of tanning…

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Time To Tan?


 These days, even guys want to look back at their photos and see a healthy glow or head off on a vacation without looking like the Milky Bar kid. I don't like a sun bed, I've read that the health risks are simply too high, so the only question to ask yourself is whether you’re going to go instant or gradual.

Instant tanner gives you an (obviously) immediate impact, but the risks of patchy legs or an over-the-top glow are more of a concern. Gradual tanners can be applied over time in the run-up to your event and do give you more control over your color. I would advise any tanning first-timers to start with gradual, and if you’re more of an expert groomer then opt for the quick, quality results of the instant self-tanner.

Body Grooming


Body hair may be a big concern for those of you taking some (or all) of your wardrobe off as part of your big summer event. You don’t want to adopt the nickname of ‘Gorilla’ on your vacation getaway, that’s for sure.

Again, this is something I would advise planning a couple of weeks in advance to make sure you get the look you want and to give yourself time for your hair to grow back in the event of any disasters.

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Tip: if you are planning on applying fake tan as part of your routine then do your body hair removal first to make your application easier.

Day of the Big Event!

The Fragrance

Now the event is finally here, it’s about looking – and smelling – great. Fragrances have become more of a day-to-day essential for the modern man, but the ‘special occasion’ scent can still have a big impact on you.

The key here is saving your favorite scent, your crowning fragrance glory, for the event in question. It needs to be striking, but not overpowering. It needs to be masculine, but not brutish. And it needs to be just as special as your outfit, your look, and the big day.

Shave The Day


A smooth, irritation-free shave is absolutely essential for your event. Razor burn, bumps, and cuts are not on the agenda today and you need to opt for top-quality products and tools in order to prevent any shaving hiccups.

Take your time, ensure you wash your face thoroughly with warm water, and rinse your blade throughout. Then if you choose the right products, the rest will take care of itself.

Body Care


It’s the finer body care details and the grooming basics that can often make all the difference. First, your skin needs to be smooth to the touch – all over. You are going to want something that will ensure you hit the beach, pool, or * cough * bedroom with skin that’s noticeably soft.

Next, you need to avoid excessive perspiration and sweat patches like the plague – which can be tough if the pressure and the temperatures are high. 

Lastly, your nails, cuticles, and eyebrows need to be in tip-top shape to round off your look. 

Final Word...


Whatever event you’re attending this summer, and whatever you’re planning to wear, don’t let your grooming routine be your downfall. Make sure you plan well in advance and everything will go without a hitch – then just be yourself... and don’t get too drunk!

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