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Your Hair

Lets ’s face it—we’re obsessed with our hair. Of all of the things we think about throughout the day, it ranks right up there with sex, food and losing weight. Is it sticking out funny? Is the gray showing through? Does this cut make my neck look fat? Lord, why can’t I get this cowlick to lie flat? 

But the truth is your hair is the one accessory you are stuck with each and every day. And it speaks volumes about you. It can tell others whether you’re all business, a little flirty, edgy, sensuous, fashion-forward or anchoring the nightly news—though more often than not it alerts people that you’re picking up the kids from soccer. (Shoulder-length bob, anyone?) Yet unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, we get to choose how our hair represents us to the outside world: spiky, straight, asymmetrical, blond, red or blue, it’s your decision every time you walk into a salon.

A haircut changes a personality, a good haircut will build someone’s confidence. If a person feels like they look good, they will stand more erect. They seem more professional. It really will change their psyche. If they just put their hair in a ponytail after they roll out of bed, it seems like their whole day will spiral down.

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