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Curls & Shampoo

I am always surprised to hear clients talk about how they treat and care for their curly hair.  You'd never dream of washing your favorite wool sweater with just any old type of detergent.  

Did you know that the strands on your head stretch and absorb moisture just like wool?  Your hair is a fiber... a delicate special fiber that is made up of millions of cells.  So learn to treat it with the same care you would that favorite wool sweater.

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People in general don't think twice about applying shampoo to the priceless fiber that's sitting on top of their head.  Let me tell you a little dirty secreat about shampoo....




Each one of these are foaming agents found in your dishwashing and laundry detergent that are also found in your shampoo.  

Those agents are great for your pots and pans.... BUT not your hair, your hair needs to retain its natural oils to protect it and your scalp.  By stripping these away from your scalp you're depriving your hair of necessary moisture, amino acids, and antibodies and helping making it look dry.  

Aveda be curly.jpeg

Sulfate of any sort is not good for any type of hair, especially curly hair, that's because curly hair is so porous that it absorbs detergent like a sponge.  The truth is that lathers really don't cleanse your hair at all.  Manufacturers put lathering agents into products so you'll buy into the joy of suds.  People are addicted to suds!

I'm not saying to stop washing your hair, you need to clean it.  But be mindful of what you choose to use on those beautiful curls.  You don't need to shampoo your hair every day... all you need to cleanse the scalp in between washing is a sprits of lavender and some watered-down conditioner into your hair and scrunch.  

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