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Your Curling Iron

As a hairstylist, I can tell you that we own lots of curling irons and each is used to achieve different types of curls or waves.  One thing all of these curling irons have in common... they need to be cleaned and stored properly in order to last a long time. Whether you've invested in an army of irons, like hairdressers, or just own one, here are 3 little but very important things you should know...
Curling irons with spring handle

Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron with Spring Handle

Curling irons for short hair

If you are in a rush, DO NOT run your curling iron under cold water...believe it or not, a client of mine did just that.  The extreme hot-to-cold temperature can cause damage to the springs inside the barrel.  They need some time to cool.  If you are in a rush, and you have to pack grab a hand towel and wrap it around.  I've found this bag, that can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees.





When you’re finished don’t wrap your chord around the handle because doing that over and over can cause your curling iron to short out. Instead, grab a rubberband or ponytail holder and wrap it like you see in the bottom photo.


Clean your iron about once a month with rubbing alcohol and a washcloth.  Product build-up on a curling iron is not good.  A lot of people don't even think about cleaning their hot tools, but that crusty brown gunk will cause excessive dryness to your hair and can even cause a slight yellowing on blonde ends.  Product residue will remove easily with alcohol while the iron is cool.  

Someone once asked me if they could shampoo the residue off, and the answer is...NO!  You never want to submerge your curling iron in the water (plugged in or not).  There are small cracks that can get water in them and cause rusting or coild damage.


Curling iron for shoulder length hair
don't wrap your cord
Curling iron for long hair.
Proper way to wrap cord

Standing in the aisle looking for the right curling iron can be nerve-wracking when choosing one that is right for you. How to know which ones won't break, won't damage hair, and will work the fastest? I've done the work for you, researching the best curling irons on the market. You'll find the pricey curling irons the pros love and the more affordable curling irons that won't break or break your bank.

My favorite is The Hot Tools,  these quick-heating, golden-barreled irons are the professional's favorite. Each iron comes with a temperature gauge allowing you to turn up the heat for coarser hair, turned down for finer hair. $28-$38.

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