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Wedding Timeline

You're getting married, what's a guy to do?

Grooming can be a bit daunting for any guy, but the pre-wedding beauty for men can be truly overwhelming, women don't get that.  You need a little help to get you ready for that special day, pay close attention to this grooming timeline and trust the steps!  Also, remember to talk to your stylist about the big day and help you prepare for your big event.


Five Months Before—Start a Routine

Your fiancé probably has a nightly routine or as you see it “all that stuff she does in the bathroom before bed”.   Well “all that stuff” has a point—to keep skin young and fresh looking! Don’t you want your skin to look good too? That's a Yes!


Start using a gentle cleanser to keep breakouts under control and skin tone even. Use an oil-free moisturizer with SPF during the day to help prevent wrinkles and moisturize dry skin. If you have dark under-eye circles use soothing eye cream nightly to keep bags at bay.

More skin tips: A dermatologist can be incredibly helpful in figuring out the right routine for you. If you are dealing with acne, scars from past breakouts, or other skin problems get advice from a medical professional.  Don’t worry, a dermatologist is not the spa, they are doctors!

Stress is a huge cause of acne and planning a wedding causes a lot of stress. Fight the tension by making sure you drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, and stick to a healthy diet. 

Three Months Before—Hit the Spa


Men’s spa treatments are no longer taboo. Nearly every spa will have treatments designed for men’s skin and sensibilities. Whether you need to clear up acne, freshen a dull complexion, or have microdermabrasion to deal with acne scars, first check with a dermatologist and then proceed with the spa treatments they recommend.

One to Two Months Before—Start Thinking about Your Hair

I mean all your hair! Beard, back, chest, head, and even down there.


For the head:

Start thinking about your ideal hairstyle. Visit our Pinterest board for the groom’s style inspiration or just conjure up thoughts of your favorite celebrity. For many guys the hairstyle is not up for negotiation, you set your clippers to the desired setting and go. For others, you might want to play around with the length or figure out how to get your curls tamed.  Check our OneWed’s listings for hairstylists and find a well-recommended salon, because if there is one time you want a good haircut it is your wedding day.

Think of the photos!

For the body:


For the sake of your soon-to-be pay a little extra attention to the parts of your body with excess hair. For the back, consider waxing or starting laser hair removal (you will need at least six months for these treatments). For the chest, we don’t recommend taking it all off unless you like the slick look and are ready for maintenance. Waxing typically requires monthly visits to the spa and weekly exfoliating sessions in the shower. If you shave your chest expect to deal with razor burn and need to repeat the process multiple times a week. Now about down there… every men’s magazine out there will tell you a little trimming goes a long way. And I agree! Plus, grooming shows you care. Don’t you care?


A uni-brow is a bad idea. Fact. I'm not saying you need perfectly sculpted brows, but looking like you have a caterpillar across your forehead is just silly. If you go to a barber or visit a spa, chances are they can take care of your eyebrows. If you want to take care of your brows at home grab the tweezers.

Hint, hot water opens up pores and makes tweezing less painful so make sure to tweeze post-shower.

If you have no idea what to do, ask your lady to help you out. To get the right look take care of any strays in between your eyes and underneath the brow bone. And while you have your face close to the mirror trim any stray nose hairs!

One to Two Weeks Before—Clean it Up

Get a haircut. Don’t do this the day of, as you need some time to relax in your style. Unless you buzz your head, in which case shave away. Also, visit a clean salon and get a manicure. Almost every guy who does this for the first time is converted. While there get a pedicure too. Pedicures are pretty much mandatory if you are having a beach wedding or heading for a tropical honeymoon shortly after the big day. Don't worry, most men’s manicures don’t include nail polish. Instead, you will have your cuticles trimmed, your nails buffed, and hands cleaned up.

Day of the Wedding—Take it Easy!

This is where guys win big. On the wedding day, take a hot shower, visit a barber to get a nice shave, spritz on a little (and i do mean a little) cologne, dab a bit of product in your hair and suit up. Make sure to stick to that skin care routine you started five months ago (wink, wink), and take a quick look at your nails to see if they need a trim. Then get ready to get married!

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