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Did you know that the strands on your head stretch and absorb moisture just like wool?  Your hair is a fiber... a delicate special fiber that is made up of millions of cells.  So learn to treat it with the same care you would that favorite wool sweater.

Satin Or Silk Pillowcase for your curls?

A lot of people don’t even realize how much depends on what kind of pillow they sleep on. I know some people that don't believe that a new pillowcase can be the simple solution for great looking hair, but read on and I will change your mind. And if you were already thinking of getting a satin (or silk)pillowcase well, this will make you feel real good about your decision.

If you don’t want to ruin that hairstyle you just got, I would definitely suggest you avoid a regular cotton pillowcases and go for a satin one,  but before you, go I'm sure you want to find out more about how exactly a satin pillowcase is  differrent from others.


Well here is the answer:

Satin pillowcases are very smooth which means that your hair won’t get tangled up while sleeping on them. Not good news for those who love their cotton pillows – they are not nearly as smooth as satin ones and their roughness creates friction between your hair and the surface of the pillow which in turn can lead to hair breakage. With a satin pillowcase, your hair just slides across the pillow and is much less likely to get tangled and damaged.

So, it means that if an ugly bed-head is not something that you want to see in the mirror every morning, then switching to satin might really help you with that.

But wait there is more! 

Another reason why satin pillows are good at keeping your hair healthy is because they don’t suck out all of the natural moisture that your hair has and needs.

Cotton pillowcases strip moisture from your hair making it brittle and dry and that’s something you don’t want. 


You should consider getting yourself a satin pillowcase if….

  • You have curly hair – it is really hard to manage curly hair, so you need to be extra careful.

  • You have fragile hair –  yep, the word fragile means something that can be easily damaged (with the help of a rough pillowcase).

  • Your hair has suffered from a lot of styling – blow drying, ironing, coloring and bleaching makes your hair vulnerable.

  • Your hair is dry – a cotton pillow will likely make it even drier, while a satin one won’t.

I found this little jewl online, Bed, Bath & Beyond. $19.99

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