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Hairstyles Women (& Men ) Love 

Super Short or Buzz Cut

This simple but sexy men's hairstyle is probably one of women’s all-time favorites. It has a very traditionally masculine look. There's something raw about this cut because it's association with soldiers and naturally makes people see you as dominant, which is really a turn on for most.


Shaggy layers on a guy suggest that he’s not uptight or high maintenance when it comes to his appearance.

Men also imagine that men with shaggy layers are more laissez-faire about life in a laid-back, surfer dude kind of way, and they definitely imagine running their hands through layered locks.

Shaggy Layers

This men's hairstyle has a sleek and clean-cut appearance, which says to people that you have your life in order. It emphasizes the manliness of your facial features by drawing attention to your face's angles. 

Men appreciate men who are effortlessly well-groomed, and this hairstyle says that you care about your appearance without being obsessed with it.

Square Cut

The front wave has serious appeal without taking itself too seriously. On the one hand, it conjures up images of the suaveness. On the other, it’s reminiscent of the late '80s hairstyles favored by the out-of-control, power-suit wearing characters from Less Than Zero ( how many of us are old enough to remember that movie?).

Front Wave

Natural curls are both boyishly sweet and ruggedly masculine. The soft ruffles remind us of the hair of the first boys we ever had crushes on. The curls also encourage associations with strong, sporty, outdoorsy types of men.

Natural Curls

Slick Back

Slicked-back hair looks, well, slick. It’s a retro-inspired style that instantly makes any guy look like a draper, and it's still a confident and sophisticated hair.

Women view a side part as a classy masculine way for a guy to style his hair. They also see it as suggestive of a fuss-free personality and an indication that you have a traditional side.


Many women, particularly those under 30, have a thing for musicians. The brushed-forward hairstyle has a rebellious, rock star quality to it because it’s one part styled and one part disheveled.

Side Part

Brushed Forward

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