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Super Foods That Feed Your Hair

When was the last time you bought superfoods for your hair? It might sound like a crazy question, but what's on your plate has a much bigger impact on your hair than you think. There’s a whole range of common deficiencies that lead to brittle, lifeless, and broken hair, and that’s not to mention the lack of shine and that horrid dry feeling. So what are you waiting for? Transform your lovely locks with these amazing superfoods for your hair.



Okay, so most people wouldn’t consider oysters superfoods for your hair – but they really are. Just one oyster contains around 37mg of zinc, a mineral which most adults lack. Low levels of zinc are commonly associated with hair loss and breakage, along with dry, dull skin.


 It’s long been known that mushrooms are packed with healthy antioxidants, and they also contain pantothenic acid. You probably recognize that as a common ingredient in shampoos – this acid is essential for regulating healthy blood flow, and there are even claims that it prevents hair loss.

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No surprise here.  Avocados are rich in a number of nutrients that promote hair and scalp health. Vitamin B promotes
healthy cell growth, as well as stimulating blood flow through the body, meaning it’s great for helping hair to repair and grow. Don’t worry if you aren’t a big fan of green fruit, though – egg yolks, bananas, nuts, and whole grains are also good sources of vitamin B.

Strawberries and Peppers

While they make an odd combination together, strawberries and peppers both contain high levels of vitamin C, which is essential to keep hair shiny. This special vitamin also promotes good blood flow to the scalp, to keep the skin and hair hydrated and looking its best. Aim to consume around 100mg of vitamin C every day – that’s around 150g of whole strawberries, 100g of citrus fruit or a good serving of broccoli. Your skin will show the difference, too.

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Vitamin A tends to be one of the most ignored vitamins, which is why spinach is one of the best superfoods for your hair. Just 50g of cooked spinach contains your daily amount of vitamin A, which is responsible for developing and maintaining epithelial cells. Not only does that mean your hair will look better, but your skin will get a gorgeous glow, and your lips will be extra luscious too. If spinach isn’t really your thing, try sweet potatoes, cantaloupe or carrots instead.​



Want shiny, healthy hair? Increase the amount of fatty fish that you eat. Fish such as canned tuna is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which boost hair and give your skin a great complexion too. It’s recommended that adults eat four ounces of fatty fish twice a week to get enough omega-3, but most adults eat drastically less. Try adding salmon, sardines, trout, and tuna to your menu plans for the next few weeks – you are certain to notice the difference. Want something for more exotic, try lobster.

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Yep, beer really is good for your hair – although not in huge quantities! Let's not carried away.... The foam that settles on the top of a beer is a natural source of silicon, an element that has been proven to strengthen and thicken hair. It rehydrates dry hair and relieves brittleness. Other sources of silicon include bananas and whole grains​.

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