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Blow-Dry Your Curly Hair

Blow Drying Curly Hair

Let it air dry... but, if you are in a hurry and need it dry now... read on.

Whether your curls are natural or you have a perm, certain styling techniques and products can help ensure that your curls stay curls instead of turning into frizz.


Apply leave-in conditioner after washing. Allow hair to air-dry for about 10 minutes. Then, tilting the head down, flip the hair forward and blow dry hair near the scalp with a diffuser. When this area is fairly dry, gently flip your hair back and allow the rest to dry naturally. For maximum volume, when hair is completely dry, scrunch it with fingers, doing so with product,  like Aveda's Be Curly, if you want extra curls.

Never disturb hair while it is in the process of drying. The result will be perfect, intact curls.


If you don't want annoying baby hairs to curl up tightly around your hairline, creating a tiny fuzz, place a cloth headband at the hairline as your hair dries. If you want the hair around your hairline to dry off of your face, use butterfly clips along the hairline to lift the hair up and away from your face as it dries.

Aveda | be curly
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