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Glazing Your Hair

glazing your hair is important

Think of the money spent on getting that beautiful color going down the drain because you didn't have a glaze applied.​



Glazing your hair is really important, particularly if you tend to go an extra long time between cuts or colors. Hair gets dull and luckily there is an at-home solution to lackluster locks– glazing. Think of it like a topcoat for your nails, but instead it’s for your hair. Glosses and glazes help seal the cuticle down and increase shine, big time. Back when I worked in Dallas, the colorist at the salon would apply a color glaze on every single client after their hair color because it sealed in all the hard work. Luckily, many companies have started making glazes that you can buy and do on your own at home without having a pro license. 10 years ago I would have said it was a bad idea to do this at home, but the new glosses are completely user friendly.

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