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Ashy Colors

Many clients have very little understanding of hair color, that is where we, as stylists, come in.

I want to help you get a better understanding of color tones.  When I moved to KC, I had no idea of understanding color.  My specialty was always Cut and Style, but color always left me puzzled.  I understand color now.


ASHE TONES: I want to tell you that tone has nothing to do with lightness or darkness. It doesn’t matter if the hair is super light or dark because it’s just about the hue it gives off. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind if you ever want to try ashe tones:

  • Talk to a pro. Seriously– putting a warm glaze over your hair at home is one thing, but making an ashy tone look nice requires some skills that only a great colorist will have.

  • Maintenance: Purple shampoo and a deep conditioner. The purple shampoo will help you maintain those silvery tones. And you must deep condition at least once a week to retain some shine on ashy hair.

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